Here at FASTSUBTECHPLUS, we offer you the most affordable and most cheapest data, airtime, Dstv, Gotv and Startimes subscription. Here is the right place for your Electricity subscription and also Convert your Airtime to Cash...

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Join our network of outstanding entrepreneurs patnering with FASTSUBTECHPLUS. Bring the FASTSUBTECHPLUS'easy-payments' experience closer to your network and earn a commission for every transaction you perform for your customers.

Low Transaction Fee

Kindly login to enjoy our cheap and affordable price.

Fast Payments

We use cutting-edge technology to run our services. Our delivery and wallet funding is automated, any service purchased will get delivered to you instantly.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service is just a click away, don't hesitate to consult us on anything. All transactions are attended to within 5-15mins.

We are Reliable

Our platform is a fully optimized platform for reliability and dependability. You get 100% value for any transaction you carry with us.

Our Services

Enjoy Our Services

We offer instant recharge of Airtime, Databundle, CableTV (DStv, GOtv & Startimes), Electricity Bill Payemnt and so much more.

Buy Data

Start enjoying this very low rates Data plan for your internet browsing databundle.

Utility Payment

Because we understand your needs, we have made bills and utilities payment more convenient.

Airtime Top

Making an online recharge has become very easy and safe on FASTSUBTECHPLUS

Cable Subscription

Instantly Activate Cable subscription with favourable discount compare to others.

Airtime To Cash

We offer this service at a very good attractive rate please login to get current conversion rate.

Bulk SMS

Get your SMS in bulk at convenient rates, all you have to do is REGISTER NOW!.

Are you a developer?

Integrate our API

Integrate our well-documented API that lets you earn from serving hundreds of thousands of customers.However huge or complex your imagination, you can build it with FASTSUBTECHPLUS API..

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Manage Payments in 3 Easy Steps

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Important questions

Frequently Questions

How To Buy Data?

1. Log in to your account
2. If not click here to register
3. After log in click fund my account
4. Select Coupon payment

NB:You can buy coupon code from our agents

What Are The Codes For Checking Data Balance?

MTN-> *461*4#
9mobile[SME]-> *229*9#
9mobile[Gifting]-> *228#
Airtel-> *140#
Glo-> *127*0#.

How Do I Fund My Wallet?

You can fund your wallet using any of our Four payment means: Bank payment.
Online Payment with your ATM card details via Pay stack Payment Gateway.
Payment with airtime.
Payment with Coupon Code(s).

How fast will my data orders be processed?

All our data is automated so it will be sent immediately except there is a network problem which u will be notified before you order.

Is the data plan compatible for all device/modem/WiFi or MiFi??

Yes it is just the number of the sim in the device that is required for subscription.

Our Pricing


500.0MB ₦160 30 days
500.0MB ₦170 30 days
1.0GB ₦270 30 days
1.0GB ₦280 30 Days
2.0GB ₦540 30 days
2.0GB ₦560 30 days
3.0GB ₦810 30 days
3.0GB ₦840 30 Days
5.0GB ₦1350 30 days
5.0GB ₦1400 30 Days
4.0GB ₦1950 30 Days
8.0GB ₦2450 30 days
10.0GB ₦2700 30 Days
10.0GB ₦2800 30 days
10.0GB ₦3395 30 days
12.0GB ₦3410 30 Days
20.0GB ₦4900 30 days
30.0GB ₦5900 2 months
40.0GB ₦9800 30 days
75.0GB ₦14600 30 days
120.0GB ₦21350 30 Days
200.0GB ₦29200 30days
400.0GB ₦49000 3 months
600.0GB ₦73500 3 months
800.0GB ₦88000 6 months
1.0TB ₦97000 1 year
500.0MB ₦200 30 days
1.0GB ₦390 30 days
2.0GB ₦780 30 days
1.2GB ₦900 30 days
1.5GB ₦1080 30 days
3.0GB ₦1350 30 days
6.0GB ₦1400 7days
4.5GB ₦1850 30 days
5.0GB ₦1900 30 days
6.0GB ₦2250 30 days
8.0GB ₦2700 30 days
11.0GB ₦3600 30 days
10.0GB ₦3800 30 days
15.0GB ₦3840 30 days
30.0GB ₦7680 30 Days
40.0GB ₦9000 30 days
75.0GB ₦13500 30 days
120.0GB ₦18000 30 days
240.0GB ₦27000 30 Days
280.0GB ₦32400 30 Days
400.0GB ₦48200 3 months
500.0GB ₦57600 2 months
1000.0GB ₦92000 1 year
50.0MB ₦50 Daily
500.0MB ₦170 30 days
200.0MB ₦170 30days
1.0GB ₦320 30 days
1.05GB ₦460 30days
2.0GB ₦650 30days
3.0GB ₦870 30days
2.5GB ₦910 30days
4.1GB ₦1350 30days
5.0GB ₦1400 30 days
5.8GB ₦1800 30days
7.7GB ₦2250 30days
10.0GB ₦2700 30 days
10.0GB ₦2900 30 days
13.25GB ₦3600 30days
18.25GB ₦4550 30days
29.5GB ₦7500 30days
50.0GB ₦9300 30 days
93.0GB ₦13800 30days
119.0GB ₦16400 30days
138.0GB ₦18200 30 days
500.0MB ₦450 30 days{Gifting}
1.5GB ₦900 30 days{Gifting}
2.0GB ₦1080 30 days{Gifting}
3.0GB ₦1350 30 days{Gifting}
4.5GB ₦1800 30 days{Gifting}
11.0GB ₦3600 30 days{Gifting}
15.0GB ₦4500 30 days{Gifting}
40.0GB ₦9000 30 days{Gifting}
75.0GB ₦13500 30 days{Gifting}